Webseries Financing Available!!!???

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Webseries financing is available for…..Canadians? Well, I do love ‘em ,but that was somewhat anti-climactic for those of us in the City of Angeles. I looked for a few loop holes, but it would seem as if it needs to be all about the Maple. However…unless you have a few friends in Canada or are Canadian yourself. Someone tell…Casey McKinnon.
Here is a portion of the press release or read more.


The Independent Production Fund provides equity investments to encourage the production of prime-time dramatic series and dramatic children’s series, produced by independent Canadian producers for private sector broadcasters, in English or French. The IPF’s Special Project Grants program supports professional development activities for not-for-profit organizations that undertake training and promotional programs to further develop dramatic production skills and recognition. The IPF provides administrative services to other Private Funds.

Project and Applicant Eligibility
To be eligible for support, projects must:
1. be new and original; and
2. be scripted, dramatic content
3. originate with an independent Canadian producer/creator and have, without any limitations
regarding formats, media, territories and duration, all rights, title and interest including copyright in
the completed production beneficially owned by an individual resident in Canada, by a corporation
incorporated under the laws of Canada or a province of Canada, or by any combination of these,
4. have a Canadian-owned URL or be hosted on a Canadian portal or Canadian online webcasting
5. be limited to one (1) Request for Proposal (RFP) for this Pilot Program


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